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Our athletes have participated at the World Games since 2003. In 2015, the Haitian delegation won 12 medals at the Los Angeles Games, a historic record! In 2019, the delegation earned 10 medals in disciplines including unified football, track and field and equestrian. Once again, Haiti seeks to continue to reach new milestones and shine a positive light on its local athletic talent.  Here are some incredible stories shared by our athletes, families and partners.

Athletes and Families

Athlete and Families

Christelle Paul is More than a Champion

During the 2015 Los Angeles World Games, Christelle Paul and 24 other athletes returned home to a heroes’ welcome, having earned the country 12 medals in track and field and table tennis. Of those medals Christelle brought home 3 golds, one for each of the races she competed in: the 100 and 200-meter runs, and the 400-meter relay. In 2019, Christelle returned with a silver medal in the 100-meter run at Abu Dhabi.


Darlene Milord, Medalists, and Board Member Helping Children During Covid-19

Darlene Milord—a Special Olympics Haiti Board Member, Athlete, Medalists, and Teacher Assistant—shares a message on how she helped support other disabled children at Kay Christine, a SOH partner, during the Coronavirus. Watch the message by clicking on the picture aside.

Too common a fate avoided

As an infant, it was not always easy for Christelle and as she began to develop, it became clear she would need additional support in order to lead a decent life. Being a child with intellectual disabilities and growing up with a poor single mother in a society less welcoming of her disabilities, others in Christelle’s situation may have found themselves abandoned in one of the country’s orphanages. Christelle’s mother, Iloriese, was reluctant to give up her daughter but had few options until Christelle’s love of running and talent led her to Special Olympics Haïti. Christelle, having found a supportive community where she gets to train and run, is no longer the outcast. Her family and community welcomed her back with pride after her amazing performance at the 2015 World Games. “I see the change in her. My child was always complete. I am grateful for the program. Thank you,” declared Iloriese. 

Beyond medals

Special Olympics Haïti cannot measure the many ways it changes the lives of its athletes. In Christelle’s case, she remained with her mother and is her pride and joy, she is developing into a gifted gold medal winning athlete, and will once again represent her country. There are many other current Special Olympics Haïti athletes’ stories similar to that of Christelle’s waiting to be told and many other athletes waiting to be connected. More than simply crowning new champions, Special Olympics Haïti:

  • helps keep families together 

  • helps people thrive

  • gives a chance to people who otherwise might have never gotten it.

 Thus, its motto; “let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”

Staff and Coach

Staff and Coaches


What Special Olympics Haiti Means to Staff and Coaches

How the vision of SOH promotes inclusion. Listen to the staff and coaches talk about the experience of being part of this initiative. See more VIDEO

Special Olympics Haiti Delegation Interview with Haitian-American Journalists After World Games Abu Dhabi

Christopher Banks shares with Haitian American Journalists his joy of winning a gold medal in unified Football at Abu Dhabi World Games in March 2019 in New York.See more VIDEO

National Competitions and World Games

National Competitions and World Games

Football Gold Team.jpg

Special Olympics Haiti athletes have participated at the World Games since 2003. Our athletes won medals in speed walking in Shang-hi, China. A delegation represented Haiti in the Greece games. In 2015, the Haitian delegation won 12 medals at the Los Angeles Games, a historic record!  The 2019 delegation went to Abu Dhabi competing in disciplines including equestrian, track and field and unified football, earing 10 medals. Haiti seeks to continue to reach new milestones and shine a positive light on its local athletic talent. 

In 2021, SOH will resume its National Competitions to elevate its athletes to the next level and qualify them for the upcoming Special Olympics US Games in 2022 in Florida and World Games in Berlin in 2023.

Upcoming events

Upcoming Events

Athletes' Training

Team Haiti is excited to announce that they will be competing in the Special Olympics 2022 USA Games in Orlando, FL from June 5-12! Currently, the 22 athletes, four coaches, and two assistant coaches that represent team Haiti have been training since February 20th, 2022 for their respective competitions. Team Haiti will compete in:

  •  Soccer (7 athletes and 5 unified players)

  •  Equestrian (4 women and 2 men)

  •  Athletics (4 women)

Here is our athletes' profile by discipline. 

Steevenson Jacquet.jpg
Darlene Milord.jpg


Below is the list of our benefactors for this event:

Partners and Ambassadors

Partners and Ambassadors


First Healthy Athletes Clinic is a Big Success


In January 2020, Special Olympics Haiti in partnership with L’École de l’Espoir of JP/HRO, Fondation Digicel, FOKAL, DR Groupe Medical Team, along with other medical specialists in dental and nutrition, provided screenings to more than 100 athletes and professional counseling to parents on how to better support the health needs of their children. Thanks to the support of Tropic S.A., athletes and families also received a hot and healthy meal.

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