Founded in 1960 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Special Olympics hosted its first athletic competitions for people living with intellectual disabilities in the United States. This personal endeavor has grown into a global movement empowering 4.5 million athletes around the world by giving them opportunities to excel in life through sport.

In 2003, Special Olympics launched its movement in Haiti. Today, SO Haiti offers year-round sports training for more than 300 athletes. The organization partners with specialized schools and centers and families to offer education, training and sport development, health screenings, competitions and unified sport activities between athletes living with and those living without disabilities.



  • Bertrovna Bourdeau, Acting National Director

  • Conald Colbert, National Sport Director

  • Roberto Jean, Administrative and Finance Officer

  • Fabiola Luc Theverin, Program Coordinator


Board of Directors

Board Chair




Ducamet Genet

Board Member and Parent

Board Member, Athlete, Medalists, and Coach


Board Member


Acting National Director

Board Member

Board Member

Darlene Milord

Board Member, Athlete, Medalists, and Coach

Board Member

Board Member


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