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About the Digicel Foundation


Launched on March 5th, 2007 in Thomazeau, the Digicel Haiti Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has chosen education as a priority sector. Through this program and its various partnerships, more than 36,000 students daily attend one of the schools built by the Digicel Foundation through Haiti.


The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors of 11 members. For more information on the Digicel Foundation, please visit or our Facebook page : FONDATION Digicel. 



The Digicel Foundation and the Special Olympics National Committee have a long and rewarding work experience. “As a corporate foundation very concerned by social inclusion, it is an honor for me to join this committee and be able to help to better coordinate the various programs”, reported Rachel Pierre Champagne.  Rachel Pierre-Champagne, Head of Projects at the Foundation. Mrs. Pierre-Champagne who has been working at the Digicel Foundation for 3 years, holds a Masters in Education and Arts from Columbia University and intents to put her experience to serve the committee in order to help them structure their activities.


Monday, June 16th, 2014 – Port-au-Prince – HAITI – Concerned about the struggle of the Special Olympics National Committee for a more inclusive society, the Digicel Foundation is very pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with this committee.

Partner of the Special OlympicsNational Committee for over 5 years and wanting to contribute to the process for the social inclusion of children and adolescents with physical and / or intellectual disabilities, the Digicel Foundation has donated more than 2 million gourdes to the Special Olympics National Committee.

This funding will allow the National Committee to achieve its many activities planned for 2014 – a year which is proved to be very important for the final preparation of the athletes who will represent Haiti at the next World Paralympics Games to be held in autumn 2015 in Los Angeles. Moreover, thanks to this support, more than 1500 athletes will have the opportunity to learn and / or improve their technical skills in sports such as athletics, basketball, football, ping-pong, bocce, volleyball etc. This donation will also allow them to hold the annual summer camp Shriver that will host during 2 days over 400 young people from almost everywhere across the country.

Commenting on the renewal of this contract, Jean Chevalier Sanon, President of the Special Olympics National Committee said: “The Special Olympics National Committee is very pleased with this partnership that has already lasted more than 5 years. With this funding, we can continue our mission to offer thousands of young people with physical and / or intellectual disabilities the necessary guidance to enable them to blossom. “

“The Digicel Foundation is very pleased to have contributed to this noble activity that translates quite the vision of the DigicelCompany to get involved in the lives of the Haitian people and work every day to build a better tomorrow. We are very pleased with this collaboration and already wish good luck to Special OlympicsNational Committee which has a really interesting program for thousands of young people with special needs across the country, “said the Executive Director of the Digicel Foundation, Sophia Stransky.

Special Olympics Hati ...  Education supports vulnerable children and families by strengthening the community organizations where they live to connect them to these necessary services. We work with schools to waive school fees for the most vulnerable children. We connect children and families , health assessments, nutrition services, and psychosocial support. Our child protection curricula ensure that children--especially girls--are aware of their rights, so that they can avoid abuse and sexual exploitation. We link community organization to government service providers, and also work with government to advocate for vulnerable children’s rights. By strengthening the community’s existing services, we ensure that children and their families have the right to a promising future.


  • Digicel Foundation, in partnership with the National Special Olympics, inaugurated Centre Unifé de Mersan, a charity which works for the integration and development of children and adults with physical and mental handicaps.This school built in the town of Les Cayes, precisely in the community of Mersan includestwo sections, one for children to physical and mental disabilities, the other for children notsuffering from disabilities. The Centre Unifé de Mersan includes five classrooms, a infirmary,kitchen, and a direction that will be tasked to manage, supervise and ensure the quality ofeducation offered. All of this center has a capacity of between 120 and 150 students.The National Director of Special Olympics Haiti, Jean Chevalier Sanon comments on this project: "Now more than ever, Haiti needs a new approach, a new direction, a new vision ofsociety, of citizens more responsible where education remains the best instrument to guarantee the permanence of such an approach. With the support of the Digicel Foundation"Centre Unifie de Mersan" (classical training and professional institution) materializes the ideological cohesion and practice between institutions: Digicel Foundation, Special Olympics Haiti, Haiti and the YMCA-centre d'Éducation Spécialisée (CES) give back education itsacclaim in promoting an inclusive society. "For its part, Elizabeth Headon, Executive Director of the Digicel Foundation reveals "The Digicel Foundation is here to help Haitian communities and it is always with great pleasure that we bring our reinforcement to those who have given themselves the task of improving those living in precarious conditions.



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