Special Olympics Haiti --- "Fulfillment"


-- Development and implementation of the Strategic         Plan 2012-2017 .

-- Special Olympics Haiti Annual program of sporting       competitions and special olympics funded by                Digicel     for over 600 athletes.

-- March 28, 2012: Inauguration and opening of the  center-special olympics Haiti YMCA of Centre Unifies Mersan (Gift of the Digicel) and signing of MOU and YMCA-SOI Haiti.

    March 15, 2012, signing of a partnership between        Special Olympics Haiti, sport and participation             Without border of three coaches special olympics         has a background in community leadership through sport.  

-- March 13, 2013, special olympics Haiti was ratified       by the Haitian Parliament as official authority sports development for person with intellectual disability in Haiti Since the earthquake of  January 12, 2012, special olympics Haiti has provided humanitarian assistance and social rehabilitation has more than 500 athletes and parents of impaired intellectual community.          

-- Integration of the national youth volunteer movement special olympics Haiti. On the cover of the Federation of Persons with Disabilities (FHAIPH), children with intellectual disabilities are assisted low cost medical institution community health DASH Summer 2010 and 2011, Special Olympics Haiti with the support of SOI, SOC, Kim Samuel Johnson and Digicel and Australian Funds, organizes 10 summer camp EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER in the following departments: West, South East, South, Nippes, North and North. Since 2007, traditional participation of a minimum of 80 athletes with intellectual disabilities Handisport national games of Oct.


-- 17 , 24 September 2011 to 2012, annual commemoration of the day "Eunice Kennedy Shriver'' day" 


-- June 2011, participation of the first delegation of Haitian football games special olympics world game.                 -- November 2007, the first participation of two athletes with intellectual disabilities Haitians Special olympics World Games in Shanghai, China January 2003 special olympics Initiation of movement in Haiti.

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