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  •  Annual sport program/ national competitions


During the year, 886 athletes in 12 schools have benefited an annual sport program from Special Olympics. Football and basketball were the most practiced sport and more appreciated especially by the boys. Other than sporting made within institutions, athletes also competed in order for being selected according to their potential talents for international games. By the way, Special Olympics organized two competitions per year for the athletes.

  •  National day competitions handisport


Among the specialized school that is included in the sports program of Special Olympics each year, they participate since 2010 in the national day competitions handisport. It’s an event or athletes looking to prove their ability to participate in international competitions.

  •  Summer camp Shriver​


Special Olympics organize camp Shriver since 2010. Each summer, many athletes accompanying by volunteers, staff, caochs, parents participate in the camp made in various department in the country.

  •  Participation in Breakfast with Santa​  

     It's been two years since Special Olympics is invited to participate to this event: breakfast with santa, it meets disabled children and put them back gifts.This as a day of festivity. There were artists who sing and animate. Children were very happy.


Pictures made in December 2012​ The children are eating.

  •  Eunice Kennedy Shriver`s day " EKS'Day"



June 1963, Eunice Kennedy Shriver start a Summer day camp for children and adults with intellectual disabilities at her home in Maryland to explore their capacities in a variety of sports and physical activities.EUNICE KENNEDY SHRIVER DAY is an annual celebration of her life and a global call for people to engage in acts of acceptance, inclusion and unity for people with intellectual disabilities. Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day has-been created to inspire people to experience her legacy and embrace the movement she founded de in her backyard. What started as inclusive sports camp in the early 1960s year, Has blossomed Into a worldwide movement transforming lives in over 170 Countries. The goal of Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day is to share her story and inspire young people and impact to commit EKS Acts of Unity with a goal of reaching 100,000 EKS Acts.

Visit of an international delegation of Special Olympics in Jun 2010.

Participation to the Special Olympics Haiti in the world Games 2011 in Greece.
Participation Special Olympics Haiti in the world Games Los Angeles 2015.

Picture of the Haitian delegation arrived to Athene, Greece.

Picture of the Haitian delegation arrived to Los angeles.

Special Olympics WORLD GAMES la 2015  #ChampionsTogether

The Greatest Moment of Special Olympics.


Special Olympics Haiti > Our Different Activities


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