Participation Special Olympics Haiti within "A DAY WITH SANTA" Program


  The program was fun for children Special Olympics  Haiti. They learn in a fun. They meet Santa Claus in person for free and participate in his wonderful world ....

What's better than seeing a toddler with shining eyes amazed by all this faerie? From year to year we are on the lookout the little more, the extraordinary activity that will appeal to children and make them live a magical Christmas.

It is important for the development of the child, for his adaptation to life and the difficulties it contains, stimulate his imagination.

Santa, his elves, reindeer and all that surrounds the Christmas story, are part fantasy and feed the imagination of children.


It is also during this period of magic thought that is built a base, more or less solid, inside the child. Santa Claus and smiling is a good character and he is therefore one of positive representations of the child. In this sense, one could say that enable the child to believe in Santa Claus.

The activity "A Day with Santa" special olympics Haiti that participates every year, created lasting memories for its children.For children, Christmas is first receive gifts. You can also introduce them to the pleasure to giveby inviting them to make drawings and crafts and they will pack will offer family members.


this is one of different ways for us in special olympics Haiti sustains the child, for its development, its adaptation to life and the difficulties it contains.

Special Olympics Haiti / with HALO 
A Day With Santa
Gilligan's Island
Gilligan's Island


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